Hyperglide FM-1 are not compatible with the Finalmouse Capetown. Follow us @paraflexcables on Twitter for updates.

Hyperglide GP
Hyperglide GP

Hyperglide GP

Regular price $12.99

Compatible with: 

  • Logitech G Pro
  • Logitech G102
  • Logitech G203

What you get:

  • Replacement mouse feet that increases your control and accuracy by providing the smoothest and most consistent glide
  • Smoother glide helps reduce grip tension which improves accuracy and decreases wrist strain for longer and more enjoyable gaming sessions
  • Exclusive G-Curve Technology produces rounded edges for a scratch-free glide right out-of-the-box. No break-in period required
  • Specially calibrated 0.85 mm thickness: Provides the ideal feet height that eliminates "bottom-scraping" & provides longer life-span.
  • Made with 100% virgin grade PTFE material for the lowest friction and eco-friendly, no-residue adhesive. Contains 2 sets.